Term 4 2021 Timetable Release

June 29, 2021

Term 4 Timetable has been slow in the making; however, we have just released it. With over 300 classes added over eight weeks, we are sure you will find something that you will like.

What’s new?
Maitland Studio, your timetable looks similar to the last terms. A few graduate levels increase but don’t stress if you haven’t graded. Keep coming to your regular class. Your instructor will bounce off where you’re currently sitting in our levelling system & with covid, we are probably revising some stuff for a few weeks.

We have a new Saturday Pole – Intro Class, and we welcome Miss Toni back on board & she will be taking on Saturday Morning Practice also, so you have someone about to ask questions.

Newcastle, we have had a revamp, your timetable hasn’t been working for you so much. So you will see Pole – Low Flow has been brought back for Monday’s at 6:15 pm. This fun little class is an excellent winter addition, as you play with fun, exciting & unique low & short chorey pieces that you bring to music.

We have combined TLC & TUF into a 1 1/2 hour class with La Bella on Wednesday’s; yes, it’s a big lesson. We have been trying to work out how we could do these two classes together for some time now. Unfortunately, we could only get it into a 90minute timeframe, but come prepared to feel awesome after this class. Conditioning, Strength, Flexibility and Tricks all in one class it’s going to be legendary.

You also welcome Leeanne back to the timetable. On Thursday’s, she will be teaching mPole-Ography, and Pole 1/2 Thursdays & Saturday mornings have been pushed back 30minutes so that you can enjoy a wee bit more of asleep in.

Online, we still have you stretch classes Monday & Friday, but we are trailing online Pole Classes this term. You will see Pole – Low Flow with La Bella & mPole-Ography with Leeanne added to your online options.

You will need a Pole at home, an internet connection and a device that will allow you to access zoom meetings (in real-time) and/or the post zoom meeting links (accessible for seven days after).

For online classes, please remember that you have to enrol in the online class (even if you attend the real class) to receive the links to join in real-time or view the lesson afterwards.

5 Tips to help you Pole Dance through Winter

July 19, 2021

It’s hard to stay motivated for any sport during winter as the days get shorter and colder, but Pole Dancers have the real challenge in doing a sport that requires you to be bearly dressed to provide grip, and our grip comes from that dewy, warmed up skin, rather than cold and dry skin.

But here are some tips and tricks to keeping you poling during winter

  • Invest in warm training clothes, something you can keep on, but move in. Our instructors like tights, track pants, hoodies, cropped jackets, leg warmers/long socks, things that you can quickly take off to try moves that require that amount of skin and then put it back on.
  • Think about Classes that aren’t typically your jam but will warm you up for your other classes, or doing types that don’t require leg grip, like mPole-Ography, Pole – Low Flow, Floor Flow & Stretch (these classes are offered online, with a link to access up to 7 days after). These classes are a great way to warm your body up before attempting your Pole Class or adding them to your regular classes, as they are significant fitness fixes when you mightn’t be as active in your regular class. Classes such as Pole TLC & TUF also have elements where you will be able to leave your clothes on for a good portion of the outline, allowing the body to warm up before getting into the pole stuff.
  • Think about your grip choices. What grip you usually use in summer, when your skin is too warm/sweaty, isn’t going to be your grip in winter when your skin is barely warm at all. Be sure to talk to your instructor about what you’re using, ask them what they think you should be using, or purchase a sample pack of grips and try them all before committing to something.
  • Grippy pants, while these are great, need to be mindful they are pants that will glue you to the pole. You won’t be sliding in them at all. (Not a great choice for wear to Flow Floor, Stretch, Pole – Low Flow or mPole-ography), but they are an excellent option for those finding no grip in winter & keeping you warm; fit is super tight and needs to be for the skin like grip, so getting into them is fun and will warm you up.
  • Another critical but often overlooked fact to sticking to the pole in winter is healthy skin. You will need to ramp up moisturising your skin in winter as it dries out quickly or seems to. Try moisturising at night after your shower or first thing in the morning with non-greasy moisturising cream. Or plan your week and moisturise on days/nights you arent at class. Your instructor poles nearly every day, so ask them when and how often they moisturise & what they are using.

I hope these help you out to keep spinning this winter.

Miss mPole 2021

July 9, 2021

Wow, what a night! As I know, most of you could not attend if you wanted to due to COVID. But it was an entertaining night, even if it was to see me fumble over the task of MCeeing and performing.

But our brave & talented pole students took to the stage with performances they had created, and it was beautiful, inspiring and delightful to be a part of the process.

The Miss mPole Stage is a home stage, competition for mPole Clients by mPole Instructors. This comp provided a performance opportunity for our clients to perform when it was not available to our clients back in 2012. While we haven’t run every year since then, some in our control, some not, it was enriching to see about this year, despite COVIDS best efforts.

And the team at mPole look forward to planning 2022’s event, but until then, let’s talk about Miss mPole 2021.

We opened with a Feature Performance by the mPole Mums, Melissa McKowen, myself (Leeanne Taylor) & Lauren Eccleston. New, Old and Past Instructors who have and will continue to shape our students into the confident women we know they can be both at Pole but in the real world. While our performance didn’t go to plan, it was fun to be up on stage, dressed up, doing something we love.

Following this was our most significant Category, Beginners, in Order of Performance.

1. Alana- in a gorgeous white flowing costume, dancing to Open by Rhye

2. Peach – performing in a black mesh Bodysuit with a black & white Tartan Skirt

3. Katalina – performing in Black Wet look bodysuit with Black Patent Leather Ankle Boots with Red chrome platforms, match her red highlights in her hair.

4. Miss Lyn – Black and Silver holographic Bodysuit and Black patent Leather Ankle Boots

5. Madie – the most outstanding costume on the night. A Yellow Bodysuit creation with Black Platform Heels all featuring Bones and skulls.

6. Niki – performing in a shiny red bodysuit with matching drop-down suspender straps & Red patent leather ankle boots

We close this section with a Feature Pole Performance by our Instructor & Judge Milly Rose (7).

A Demonstration Performance followed this on mPole’s Newest Specialty Pole Lollipop’s by Myself (Leeanne Taylor) (8). Bring us into Intermission so that audience members could take a breath of fresh air.

We opened the 2nd half with another Specialty Performance on Pole – Ribbons with Miss Toni, mPole Instructor (9) and Judge.

Bringing us to the Intermediate Section of Miss mPole 2021
10. Alix – wearing a cool pink and black outfit/harness and the most fantastic pink holographic ankle boots by Toes on Point.

11. Molly – wearing a flashy silver sequin wrap crop and skirt with the matching heart-shaped Sunglasses

12. Skoll – Wearing a Striking Leather Harness with the cutest wings at the back & a gas mask.

Then straight into Advanced.
13. Brooke – wearing a beautiful Red Top and shorts, diamante Necklace and Bracelets and White Ankle boots

14. Yuni – Dressed as superwoman, complete with cape.

Followed by our first ever Static division at Miss mPole
15. Cyclone – wearing a sparkly black lace bodysuit and glitter from head to toe.

And wrapping on the competition performances was a smooth flowing performance on Static by 16. Jolie Etoile in a Black sheer Chemise.

Our competition wrapped up by our final feature performance by mPole Instructor and Judge La Bella (17) performing on Static.

In the Miss mPole competition, competitors had to perform three required elements as part of their performance for their division.

Beginners – Kate Moss, Tara & Faith
Intermediate – Spinning Tina, Brady & Carlie
Advanced – Victoria, Allegra & Straight-Leg Venus
Static – Russian Swing, Lacey & Ball Drop

Missing these moves in their performance would cause a point deduction, along with not wearing heels.

Then it was announcements

1st – Peach
2nd – Madie
Equal 3rd – Alana & Niki

Equal 1st – Alix & Molly
3rd – Skoll

1st – Brooke
2nd – Yuni

1st – Cyclone
2nd – Jolie Etoile

Miss mPole 2021 – Highest Point Score for this year’s competition

You can check out Photos from the event on the Miss mPole Facebook Page or visit the Website

NSW Pole Sport Championships 2019

February 25, 2020

The long weekend of June 2019 saw the Newcastle Pole Dancing Competition New South Wale Pole Sports Championships ran by BeachFit Dance at the Lake Macquarie Performing Arts Center.

The competition has a great selection of categories for all level of Pole Dancer, with a Junior, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Master, Professional, Artistic & Group Divisions.

Your fearless leaders La Bella & Leeanne Taylor started preparing for the comp about 1 and 1/2 months with them each deciding to do an individual category and something for the group’s division.

Leeanne, severely spraining her ankle on 19th May, and the little amount of prep time. She was forced to focus solely on the group’s division. Together they decided on some simple choreography that met the required elements of the divisions to Pink’s Walk Me Home. They needed to demonstrate 3 x Base & Flyer Moves. They were a little unsure if they needed to be all on the pole or not. Still, by the time we completed & re-jigged our choreography after the ankle incident they had 3 Base & Flyer moves on the Pole & Off the Pole, figured they were more than covered.

Leeanne the week of the event was madly sewing our costumes, Purple Biniki tops & short, with a black matt under the bust wais coat with tails, that had a silver lining.

Comp day rolled around, with La Bella’s Solo for the Intermediate Section Rehearsal was at 11.30 am & then doubles rehearsal was at 1.30 pm, with the event starting at 3 pm Saturday the 8th June 2019. We planned to get there and warm up in time for La Bella’s Rehearsals, do hair & Makeup between rehearsals & socialising with other competitors & coaches.

Rehearsals when well & then we spent many a minute taping Leeanne into her costume not to have a Janet Jackson moment on stage. Doors Opened, Show Started! Then we were up! Nervous energy is sometimes a good thing, some times it’s not & we were nervous, but we had trained hard & knew our routine well. Had a little stumble on a small acro move in the opening few seconds on routine, and were giggling, as we made our way to the Base & Flyer combo that we had struggled most with during training & we pulled it off. We had big smiles on our faces as we finished the routine & as our breath was racing, we took our bow & walked off stages with smiles so big we gave each other high five. We weren’t expecting much but completing our routine clean was an excellent feeling.

We rushed off stage, back into the change room, so that La Bella, could do a quick costume change, for her solo, which was complete with an eyelash change. We chatted backstage to the other ladies & LaBella kept moving to be ready for her solo performance in the intermediate section, she did a great run through and looked terrific.

We assembled for the announcements
La Bella Placed 2nd in the Intermediate Division
& We had placed 2nd in the group’s division. We were beyond excited at these result
Written by Leeanne Taylor

End of Term 4 Party & Comp

September 4, 2019

Friday 23rd August saw mPole Studios host the 3rd EOTP & 2nd EOTP Comp for 2019.

EOTP is a great way to celebrate the term coming to an end, a week of gradings with food, some pole friends, some pole challenges & our EOTP Comp.


The kicked off at about 7 pm with the ever funny to watch & frustrating to participate in No Hands, Pants Dance. It as tough heats, in which the girls needed to get on a pair of supplied pants with using their hands, it’s always a great way to get our Parties Started & the bodies warmed up. A pair of pants quickly became “the cursed” pair & as they were unsuccessfully put on without hands the whole night. The event was over too soon for some & not so promptly for others. Our fastest time being 2:51 minutes by Gabrielle, which is a massive improvement the previous winners time of 6:32minutes by Ebony in the EOT1P challenge.

No Hands, Pants Dance

No Hands, Pants Dance at mPole’s End of Term 4 Party 2019

We followed the No Hands, Pants Dance Challenge with our EOTP Comp. With the most significant line up all year with four competitors, each with four completely different & unique routines & all excellent in their own ways. Making it a tough job for our Judge Principal Instructor Leeanne, but with only a few points between them all we sashed 2nd Runner Up – Miss Moxie, 1st Runner Up Gabrielle & Winner – Sian.

End of Term 4 Comp Competitors & Winners

End of Term 4 Comp Competitors & Winners Right to Left – 1st – Sian, 2nd – Gabrielle, 3rd – Miss Moxie & 4th Tory

We ran the last of the two challenges for the night the Sitting Master & the Rope Climb Master, running two heats of each. With Shirley taking home both Master Sitter with a time of 15:14 Minutes (Previously Recorded time 3:29 by Tiana) & Rope Climb Master with a total of 10 Climbs (Previously Recorded Number 9 by Amie).


Finishing up with announcements & award, with each of our EOTP Challenge Winners taking home a little certificate & goodie bag — our EOTP Comp Place Getters taking home a sash & certificate.


We want to make a special announcement for outstanding attendance of the following students during Term 4 2019.
Chloe – 35 Classes
Tory – 30 Classes
Grace – 28 Classes
Melissa – 27 Classes
Eryn – 22 Classes
Teagen – 19 Classes
Jessica B – 18 Classes
Gabrielle – 18 Classes
Tiana – 18 Classes
Brooke – 18 Classes
Georgia – 16 Classes
Elizabeth – 15 Classes
Amie – 14 Classes
Rose – 13 Classes
Jade – 13 Classes
Renee – 13 Classes
Melinda – 13 Classes
Shirley Z – 12 Classes
Emily M – 12 Classes

We hope everyone had a great time & we are grateful that you chose to spend your Friday evening with us.

A massive congratulations to all the ladies who participated in the Challenges & Comp. And congratulations to those who took home prizes & awards. We hope you can come back on the 19th October 2019 for EOT5P to defend your titles or smash out some new records.

EOT5 Comp Entries are now open if your keen to get up there and have some fun with your routine.

Miss mPole 2019 Results

July 9, 2019

Saturday 29th June 2019 at 6.00pm saw the return of mPole’s in house Pole Dancing competition.

Miss mPole has much history within the Newcastle Pole Dancing competition world, run by Leeanne the owner of mPole Pole Dancing Studios and has been run every other year since in creation in 2012. Many of the ladies Taking out the title of Miss mPole have gone onto be top local instructors in the area.


2019 was a small event that reflected the number of ladies who registered to compete in this in house Pole Dancing competition. The Pole Dancing competition has many divisions in which the ladies ca compete,
Three individual – Beginner, Intermediate & advanced plus the added fun sections Doubles/Groups, Silicon & Floor. The girls can compete in 1 of the individual and/or as many of the fun divisions as they like.

2019 saw competitors register for
Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced & Doubles/Groups & the take home titles were
Miss Congeniality – is the title that goes to the competitor/s that were a pleasure to deal with during show preparations, throughout the show & were support & helpful throughout the whole Miss mPole Process.

Miss Trickster – is the title that is giving to the competitor/s who show a great display of tricks & execution of skill throughout their perform.

Miss Best Dressed – is the title that goes to the competitor/s who have placed an above-average amount of effort into costume – looking for unique & exciting costumes.

Miss Musicality – is the title that goes to the competitor/s who show a great interpretation of music, making full use of the highs & lows in the music, with unique & interest choreography.

Miss Showgirl – is the title that goes to the best all over the package, the show, music & costume.

And the 2019 Miss mPole Winners are:
Miss Congeniality – Bethany & Ebony
Miss Trickster – La Bella
Miss Best Dressed – Miss Moxie
Miss Musicality – Georgie
Miss Showgirl – Jade

For Photos & Video of the event, be sure to check out http://www.missmpole.com.au, more and more stuff is getting added every day.IMG_3129

3 Performance / Comp Tips that you might not have thought about

July 8, 2019

Know Backstage
I know this may sound simple, but when you arrive, find out where your charge/warm-up areas are. Find out where the bathrooms are, and find and get familiar with the backstage staff (if there is a dedicated one/two). Be genuinely lovely to your fellow competitors/performers; they are as nervous as you are & having a great vibe backstage, will significantly affect your performance.
Not a particularly social person, that’s ok, ask them questions, you have “Pole”, ask things like where they Pole, how far they have come to perform, what keeps them coming back, ask about their performance piece, costume, shoes, hair & makeup and take an interest in what they offer in return, so you can use that to lead the conversation. You never know you could hit it off & make life long friends.

20180902_B3.Toni & Leeanne_HiRes_19

Keep track of your stuff
When backstage with any number of other people, its always a good practice to put all the stuff you take off, back into your bag & keep your costume-related things together. I like two bags within my gym bag, one that has my general warm-up/every day wear & the other Costume & Costume related stuff. Then as I take off items, I place back into the appropriate bag than, I can quickly find it, without having to the empty the contents of my entire lout, and run the risk of losing or misplacing, particular costume items before your big performance.

Water & Snacks
Have a water bottle, filled with water backstage; this will help keep you hydrated. However, I am betting that the first thing you will want, when you step off stage after your performance is a drink of water. So keep it handy.
Take all the snacks, a selection of stuff, sweets, savoury, items of substance & light snacks. You will never know what you will want & these events tend to go all day/night and to have a selection of things to pick over when you feel up to it, means you won’t have to go looking for food and miss important information or place additional stress on your time.

Hope these help you make the most of your time on stage.

Written by Leeanne Taylor

What’s in the day of Polation

April 8, 2019

Polation – Diamond 2019 has come and gone & just like that we are planning the very next event Polation – Sapphire 2019 on the 21st September 2019.

It starts with a 10 am meet at the venue, the unpacking of the mPole Trailer & the start of the build process of the Polation stage & backdrop which takes about 2 hours to assemble.

Rehearsals kick off at 12 pm with 15minutes allocated to each competitor to run through, mark out & get familiar with the stage, the poles, talk to our ever-present and amazing Pole Fairies Amie & Tiana about clean, grip & prop needs for later that night, to ensure the best conditions for comp run through.


As rehearsal take up most of the day, our mPole ladies, dress the rest of the room, with our traditional White Chair Covers & Pink Sashes.

Rehearsals wrap up about 4 pm, making way for our Guest Performances to do a tech run & our mPole Ladies to do a final set of the room.

5 pm Doors Open & 6 pm its showtime; we start a little behind schedule. However, we are easily able to get us back on track after the 1st Intermission.
7 pm kicks off the 2nd set, with another seven performers, each performer bringing their strengths & creativity to life on the Polation Stage.
End the end of the 2nd set; Audience Vote Cards & Judges Score sheets collected
Audience Vote Cards than sorted into piles of those which have been completed correctly. Feedback for each performer, initial at the top of front page, signature on the bottom of the last page & tallied – We have a winner, but it’s close, it’s recounted to make sure.
Judges scores are double checked & counted this takes longer


We are still counting at 8 pm when our Guest Performers Mischka & Miss Filly take the stage showing us what professionals look like & they didn’t disappoint. We finally have a Judged Winner; we recheck it with the Judges & it’s given the nod.
8.30pm we go live on Facebook & Instagram to announce the Winners of Polation – Diamond 2019
Audience Winner was taken out by La Bella
Judged Winner was taken out by Gray Ace


8:45 pm Announcements are done & the stage is taken over by competitors Judges, Family & Friends to get those all-important post comp photos & that is honestly the best part of competing.
Secretly at the back of the room mPole’s support crew start the pack up process, starting with table numbers, pens & other bits, packed away into boxes & containers.

Table clothes, Chair covers & sashes, start to come off, and I noticed a stranger, getting involved & following the lead of our well-practised support crew. Farewells & hugs follow those photo moments on stage & we start to see competitors collect their family & friends, including the gentleman who was helping out & make their way home for a well-earned rest or party. The Judges decide they need food & make their way to find it. The room is now empty & we can start the all-important pull away of the polation stage, the mPole trailer is brought into the loading zone, opened & the mPole crew without asking, take the bits of the stage as its pulled apart & load it. It’s a team of young women, welding pieces of stage bigger than they are, some of it heavy & awkward to carry; they carry it in two if needed. They laugh & joke about it being giant handbags & in no time at all; we are packed, the Venue left, free of all the things that mPolified it & it’s now ready for the team at Wests to set it for the next event, we close the tailgate & say our congratulations to each other & say our goodbyes.
10 pm Polation – Diamond 2019 done.


Polation brings together the mPole Pole Family together like no other event. The way they work together is seamless & you would think they do this every day. They seamless work & support together to bring together this event, this is a credit to mPole Studios. Were Pole Dancing Classes & environment bring such dedicated & giving young women together, who without their help, this event would come to a screaming holt. Each member gave what they could, mPole Studios & Polation Competitors appreciate all the help they were able to offer. For some ladies that was the whole 12 hour day, for others it was most of the day, most of the night or a couple of hours here or there.

We couldn’t be prouder of the level of support & time given from each of the ladies & how well they worked together, stepped up to provide help & were all-around awesome in roles that were outside their comfort zones.

Thank You & Congratulations on your success.

End of Term 1 Party & Comp 2019

March 11, 2019

Saturday 9th March hosted the very first EOPT & Comp at the beautiful mPole Studios Newcastle.

While lightly attended, due to the sudden downpour of rain, those who attended had a great night of fun, food, dances & challenges.

The night started with 2 x Heats of the No Hands, Pants Dance, which was the first time challenge ran at mPole studios & our students were nervous & keen to give it a go. This challenged involved pulling on a pair of pants without hands & it got fascinating and weird looking for those who were unaware of what was going on. These were timed, with each getting a time, with the fastest time being taken out by the inventive Ebony taking home the title & goodie bag with a time of 6:32 minutes.

Individually timed heats of climbing a the top of a single 4m pole in the PT area of the studio followed. with the fastest climber being Grace who took out the title in 7:12 seconds

We then moved upstairs to the Pole Studio & ran throughout class routines & Ran the 1st ever EOTP Comp & our instructor’s Solos with the 1st EOTP Comp being taken out by Grace with a run through of her Competition piece for the Arnold Classic – Pole Championship Series.

Following this, we ran the last two challenges for the night the Sitting Master & the Rope Climb Master, and we were able to run single heats of each of these with Tiana taking home Master Sitter with a time of 3:29 Minutes & Amie taking home Rope Climb Master with a total of 9 Climbs.

We finished up announcements & award, with each of our EOTP Challenge Winners taking home a little certificate & goodie bag — our EOTP Comp Place Getters taking home a sash & certificate.

We also announced the winner of the 6 Week Challenge & Most Attended Student, who was the absent Sian.End of Term 1 Party Challenge & Comp Winners

We want to make a special announcement for outstanding attendance of the following students during Term 1 2019.

Sian 22
Jade 21
Tiana 18
Emily 16
Gabby 16
Amie 16
Grace 14
Ebony J 14
Liz 13
Beth E 13
Eryn 13
Mel V 12

We hope everyone had a great time & we are grateful that you chose to spend your Saturday evening with us, a massive congratulations to all the ladies who participated and took home prizes & we hope your able to come back on the 4th May 2019 for EOT2P to defend your titles & maybe even do better.
EOT2 Comp Entries are now open if your keen to get up there and have some fun with your routine.

It’s Comp Week

March 11, 2019

And like pretty much everyone else competing at the Arnold Classic Australian Pole Championship Series – I am freaking out. Which means I have a whole week of freaky out to do, as I don’t get on stage till Sunday Lunchtime.

Training for a comp is physically & emotionally demanding work, some are better cut out for it than others, I use to love it, I think. I do not remember for sure. I remember the feeling of nervous, mostly at the comp, just before I hit the stage. Before that, I was pretty cool, calm & collected (but I am sure others will tell you different & maybe they are right), but I do remember the adrenaline rush I use to get coming off stage & if we are honest that’s the feeling I am chasing. I haven’t been on stage as a pole soloist in such a long time, I haven’t tested myself out or pushed myself hard enough in a long time. And the few occasions that have presented themselves since then haven’t resulted in that rush like I thought they would. Maybe it’s because the opportunities weren’t similar to what I had done before, maybe it’s because I know where I use to be physically and I am no way close to that, perhaps it’s just gone. My life has changed so much, since the last time I did a pole comp & maybe I need to find a way to get that new rush. Either way, I am hoping to find out Sunday.

Training has been something of a challenge, particularly the Semi-Pro category. I knew it was going to be hard & that was the aim
To push me
Get myself fit again
Find my passion for pole
Get one of the creative concepts out of my head & on to the stage ( been sitting on a few for a while due to me being on the sidelines for such a long time)


Where I am at now
Disappointed that I have had to modify my routine from what was in my head twice now to what was physically possible
Worried that I will look very out of place in a semi-pro category, but at this stage I am hoping for a clean run through of a modified routine
Worried about my grip on 45mm Brass Poles (I haven’t trained on Brass in a long time & it wasn’t great then)
However, I am happy with the progress I have made – fitness wise.
Love my costume & it’s looking good, even if not quite finished & works well with the routine, even with a few pins still in it from my run through on Saturday Night at mPole’s End of Term 1 Party.

Wish me luck.

Written Leeanne Taylor